Sunday, 24 August 2008

The Spare Room

Unfortunately I have had to put the camper on hold for a while, as finishing the spare room is taking all of my camper building time. About five years ago I rebuilt the front of our old cob cottage because it was falling down. The spare bed room was never finished (along with some other bits) and am trying to have a push to complete the house over the next two years. A lot of renovation has been done but with work and stuff I lost momentum and it came to a bit of a halt.

The room use to look like this, nice eh! The A frame truss had broken and the roof was also collapsing pushing out the front wall (which typically had next to no foundation). The wall was rebuilt on a decent foundation with cob blocks and the building was re roofed. Most of the house was finished bar the dining room and spare bedroom(and some odd bit here and there).

So back to the spare room, first I had to finish some walling that was left and then, re plaster the whole room.
All the plastering is traditional lime plaster and takes a while to cure. The walls had two back coats and a finish coat. There was about seven days between coats.

Before the final coat on the front wall could be done I needed to fit the window board and wooden shelf. I wanted to make these out of local oak so went of to see my mate Dan who works with it to make timber frame building so has a good stock.

First I trimmed off the sap wood and cut it to size

Then planed and sanded for half a day to get a decent finish

Was a bit tricky to get in the room.

And here it is fitted.

Also made a window cill.

Did the final bit of plastering today and now it just needs decoration.

Oh and a door making.