Saturday, 25 July 2009

Flooring and fire

Finally got the floor down and ready to test the gas lines.

We have ignition!

Have also had a bit of a tidy out and knocked up a work top and table.
Also grabed the foam seats from the old caravan to try for size. Will need a bit of chopping about and a recover.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Cuboards, plumbing and cables

With the cladding done have moved on to fit out the insides.

Tried to rob as much of the fittings as possible from the old caravan to cut down cost (even though they are a bit crap). Some of the cabinets fit back where they were in the caravan, others I've chopped about to make new units. The auxiliary battery, consumer units and gas on the left and sink/hob on right with water tank and water heater underneath.

Now working on the gas and electrics. The 12v system on the camper is wired for both 12vs and 12vn plugs as with caravans. Does mean lots of wires!